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Perfect Pool and Spa Software Windows Version and AnyWare Web Version

AnyWare Version can be used From AnyWhere

Designed For Home Users and Pool Professionals

The only Pool and Spa Care software based upon

Proven ANSI and NSPI Standards

(American National Standards Institute, National Spa and Pool Institute, Association of Pool & Spa Professionals)

Unlimited email and telephone support!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

THE most comprehensive product on the market!


Save up to 50% on Chemicals!

Extend the life of equipment and prevent Costly Pool Resurfacing!

2 Simple Steps to Safe, Perfectly Crystal Clear Water!

Just input test results from your test kit!

The software tells you what to do!

Whether you have One Pool or Spa or Thousands of Pools!  This software can handle the job!

Pool Volume Calculator

Perfect Pool AnyWareTM Web Version - $9.95 first year

Perfect Pool Windows PC Version - $25.00

No installation - Access from your cellphone, laptop or desktop anywhere

Installs on your Windows PC - Any version of Windows

$4.95 each additional year - Includes unlimited support and pool help

One-time purchase no annual fee

  No automatic billing, cancel at any time, up to 5 pools or spas

Includes unlimited support and pool help

Pro Version: Unlimited Pools and Spas - $19.95 first year/$9.95 additional year

Unlimited Pools and Spas


Click for more information

Click for more information


Perfect Pool and Spa Pool Care Software Comparison Guide
  Perfect Pool AnyWareTM Basic Version Perfect Pool AnyWareTM Pro Version Windows PC Version
One Time Price   Annual Annual $25.00
Annual Fee First Year  $9.95 $19.95 None
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
Annual Additional Years*  $4.95 $9.95 None
Unlimited Email and Phone Support 
Maximum Pools and Spas  5 Unlimited Unlimited
Requires Installation  No No Yes
Access from  Cellphone, Laptop, Desktop Cellphone, Laptop, Desktop Windows PC Only
Operating System  Any Any Windows
Requires Internet Access  Yes Yes No
Works On Windows PC 
Works On Any PC   
Works On Any Cellphone   

*Subscription renewal: You will be sent an email reminder at the end of each 12 months to renew the service.  We do not automatically renew your subscription.