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If you have Version 6.00 or higher, please click on Help, Check for Updates from the software main screen.


Software Product:

Your Current Software Version is: Unknown

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The Most Recent Software Version is: 7.1

You can upgrade to the latest version for a charge of $15.00

However, we can not verify your current version.  Please call us at 407 290 2301 to get upgrade authorization.


Version Update History




Complete rewrite of software onto Microsoft .net 2.0 platform

Safe installation with no modification to system (requires Microsoft .net 2.0 which is automatically installed if not already there)

Requires Windows 98 or higher and screen resolution of 1024 by 768

Enhanced Graphics and easier to user interface

More features on main screen

More customization of print outs

     Ability to add graphical logo

     Ability to edit and save printouts

More options:

     Quick Balance versus Safe Balance for Pool Pro versus Home User logic

     Integrated Problem Solver on main screen

     Added Pool Listing to main screen

     Enhances search capabilities

     Added ability to type test kit readings

     Added icons on main screen for commonly used features

     Added water adjustment guide

     Added more options to history

     Added extensive water volume calculator including ability to draw custom shape and calculate volume

     Automatically checks for updates and prompts you for permission to download

     Added optional total dissolved solids test

     New pool set up and name, address information on the same screen

Ability to import existing 6.02 database

6.02 * Custom print out options added for Chemical Test display names
6.01 * Increased maximum hydrogen peroxide range to 150 PPM


* Added compatibility for Microsoft Windows Vista

* Added ability to customize chemical names

* Added ability to change percent active ingredients

* Added ability to enter heater information

* Provides time required to heat pool or spa to your desired temperature

* Changed installation package from Microsoft Package and Deployment Setup to Installshield 12 Setup for improved installations

* Changed default ranges for compatibility with NSPI ANSI standards

* Added flexibility to sanitizer/shock combinations

* Added "Check for Updates" feature


* Improved report generator and printing ability through Seagate Crystal Reports

* Added report capability  from History list

* Changed resolution of total alkalinity from 5 to 1

* Changed resolution of calcium hardness from 10 to 5

* Changed resolution of cyanuric acid from 5 to 1.


* Added pool list features: Print single pool, print pool list, export pool list to Excel, Open Microsoft Access database on menu. 

* Enhanced history file import for trashed files.


* Converted all data to Microsoft Access format to improve performance, stability and scalability.


* Increased maximum range on Sodium Chloride slider to 10,000 PPM


* Added ability to have unlimited number of Pool/Spa sets, configurations and history files

* Enhanced print out capability


* Error logging added

* Ability to use non-chlorine shock with bromine


* Increased volume capacity to 1,000,000 gallons

* Maximum range adjustments added to volume sliders


* Ability to chart history


* Removed ability to use hydrogen peroxide as a shock product with chlorine sanitizers.  Hydrogen Peroxide is neutralized in chlorine environment and will not create breakpoint, Per NSPI recommendation.


* Save history on exit option

* Added link to MSDSSearch.com on chemical handling menu


* Added more customization features for printout.

* Added biguanide as a sanitizer

* Added hydrogen peroxide slider

* Added sodium chloride slider

* Added copper as a sanitizer

* Added algorithm to adjust saturation index when temp is less than 70 and ph is high

* Added ability for demonstration version to change setup


* Added ability to customize software printouts and splash screens


* Total Dissolved Solids default value for saturation index factor changed when a salt chlorinator is used


* Changed formulas to be consistent with NSPI recommendations on muriatic acid and dry acid


* Added water appearance list box for special actions if water quality is way off or if special treatment is required


* Bug fix when sliders are right clicked


* Changed main screen size during print so more text fits on the screen print out.
* Added test results history for both pools and spas in separate files. (see "History" on the top menu bar)
* Added 3 export features in History for Text, WordPad and Excel which can be used for printing, charting etc.


* Added problem solver


* Original Release


407 290 2301