Perfect Range 2 - 4 PPM Total Bromine (pools), 3 - 5 PPM Total Bromine (spas)

Bromine can be used as an alternative to Chlorine in pools or spas.  There are some differences, advantages and disadvantages compared to chlorine sanitizers.

Advantages Disadvantage
No Odor Costs 2 to 3 times as much
No Irritation of Eyes or Skin No Stabilizer to Protect from Sunlight
Safe and Easy to Handle Very Low pH of 4.8
More effective in all pH Ranges   
Less Corrosive  

Bromine is different from chlorine in that once free chlorine is combined with waste, it has no further sanitizing capability.  Bromine on the other hand can be "recharged" with either chlorine or a non-chlorine oxidizer.  This inactive bromine ion stays in the water and forms a "bromine bank" which can be reactivated.  Free chlorine added to a bromine bank converts back into active bromine.  So unless you completely drain the spa or pool the sanitizer will remain as bromine regardless of the additions of chlorine.

Bromine comes in a "1 part" or "2 part" product.  The 1 Part product is sodium bromide tablet or granules.  The 2 Part product is a combination sodium bromide and oxidizer product.  The 2 Part product replenishes the bromide bank as the tablet or granules dissolve.

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