Perfect Range 78-82 ?

The temperature is really up to you.  Unless you have a heater, this is probably not controllable at all.  If you do have a heater, it just depends on how much you want to spend.

Temperature affects the saturation index.  The higher the temperature, the higher the saturation index and therefore the more scale forming the water is.

Higher temperatures increase evaporation rates and therefore will increase total dissolved solids over time.

Higher temperatures increase the rate at which bacteria and algae multiply.

Higher temperatures increase the rate of perspiration and body oil dissolution in the water.

Higher temperatures increase the demand for sanitizer.

All other factors remaining constant, you will have to adjust the total alkalinity for seasonal changes temperature.  As temperature lowers, you can increase the total alkalinity to keep the saturation index constant.  As the weather warms up, you can reduce the total alkalinity with acid to keep the saturation index contant.

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