Algae Problems

Algae are single-cell plants. There are over 30,000 varieties and they exist almost everywhere on earth. They need sunlight, carbon dioxide and warm water to grow.
Most algae begins with a slippery slimy feel on pool or spa walls before it is visible. In just a few hours it can multiply to the point where it completely overtakes the water and causes cloudiness or haze. This is called "Algae Bloom".

There are 3 main types of algae that are usually found in pool and spa water:
1. GREEN ALGAE - This type of algae floats in the water or forms on the sides of the pool or spa as Green Dust. The water can become so cloudy or turbid that it is unsafe because you can't see the bottom.
2. YELLOW ALGAE - Also called "Mustard Algae" because of the mustard color, appears as yellow powder deposits usually on the shady sides of the walls.
3. BLACK ALGAE - This type of algae also appears as a Blue-Green color and forms very adhesive dime to quarter size spots on pool and spa surfaces.
Algae does not form in the presence of adequate levels of free chlorine. Algae is an indication of poor chlorine level maintenance. However, once established, algae may become chlorine resistance in concentrations up to 5 PPM Free Chlorine.
The best algae prevention is prudent maintenance of free chlorine levels.
Algaecides can also be used to control algae but they do not destroy the organic waste nor do they sanitize the pool after an algae bloom. However, they can be used to make up for sloppy chlorine maintenance. (See Problem Solver Topic: Algaecides)

Once algae is established you must treat the water with 30 PPM of Free Chlorine. This kills the algae and destroys the organic waste left behind.
* Add Sodium Hypochlorite Liquid Chlorine to 30 PPM
Make sure the pump, filter and Chlorinator are working properly. Run pump continuously for 24 hours and then sweep thoroughly. Do not use the Pool or Spa until all chemical levels are back to normal and the water is crystal clear.

Maintain proper levels of chlorine.  Follow Basic Routine Maintenance Schedule.

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