Pool/Spa Chemical Handling

1.) FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS EXACTLY: Always follow the product label directions fully and carefully. The product label directions will override recommendations in this software because this software is based upon averages for products that we have found. It is illegal to use products inconsistent with their labeling.

2.) STORAGE: Store all chemicals in a cool, dry, well ventilated area away from children. Pool and Spa chemicals should be stored in an area dedicated to them without other non-pool chemicals such as lawn pesticides or gasoline. Always store below eye level.  Keep all containers closed and with original labels attached.

3.) NEVER MIX CHEMICALS: Some chemicals react with others and can even explode! Follow label directions!

4.) ADDING CHEMICALS TO WATER: Try to distribute the chemical around the pool deep end when adding. Some chemicals can not be added directly to the pool or the pool skimmer because the concentration will either stain the pool surfaces or damage the plumbing equipment. A handy tool is a reusable floating chlorinator for adding granular chemical products. The chemical dissolves slowly through a mesh screen. Follow label directions!

5.) NEVER ADD WATER TO CHEMICALS: When mixing chemicals with water, never add water to chemicals. Always pour chemicals slowing into water. This prevents splashing of chemicals.

6.) CLEAN UP SPILLS IMMEDIATELY: If you accidentally spill a chemical, always clean it up immediately.

7.) AVOID CONTACT WITH CHEMICALS: Always use protective clothing, gloves, face and eye protective gear when handling chemicals. Avoid breathing the fumes from chemicals.

8.) NEVER SMOKE AROUND CHEMICALS: Some chemicals such as chlorine give off oxygen which can cause explosions in the presence of flames.

9.) MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDSs): These are issued by and are available from the chemical manufacturer for hazardous chemicals. The MSDS contains detailed information about the chemical. It includes such things as usage, characteristics, corrosiveness, hazards, poisonous capabilities, handling and cleanup instructions.


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