Chlorine Odor

Free Chlorine at levels up to about 15 PPM has no detectable taste or odor and it causes no irritation. Free Chorine that reacts with ammonia, bacteria and other waste products is converted into Combined Chlorine or Chloramines. Ammonia is a normal by product of the body from waste and sweat.
Combined Chlorine has a strong offensive smell which is what most people smell when they complain of a strong chlorine odor. Combined Chlorine also causes eye and skin irritation.
Combined Chlorine can be eliminated by adding enough chlorine product to bring the free chlorine up to 10 times the combined chlorine level. This is referred to as "Breakpoint Chlorination" or "Superchlorination".

There should be NO Combined Chlorine in your water!  Total Chlorine minus Free Chlorine equals Combined Chlorine.

Test both the Free and Total Chlorine levels. Add enough chlorine to bring the Free Chlorine up to 10 times the Combined Chlorine.  Example: If the Combined Chlorine is 0.2 PPM, you will have to add 20 PPM Free Chlorine.
If you don't test for both Free and Total Chlorine, just do a normal Shock treatment of 10 PPM but you take a chance if the Combined Chlorine is over 0.1 PPM.

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