Cloudy, Smoky or Hazy Water

This can be caused from a number of problems. Here are some possibilities:
- Clogged Filter or Poor Circulation
- Algae
- Excessive Organic Waste
- Low Sanitizer
- Improper Water Balance

1.) Inspect pump and filter to verify it's working properly.

2.) Test all water factors and balance water.

3.) Double-shock pool by bringing free chlorine up to 20 PPM (Double-Shock).  Don't use the pool or spa until the chlorine level returns to normal.

4.) Maintain proper levels of chlorine. Verify that the chlorinator is working properly.

5.) If algae is a problem, see Algae Problems

6.) Follow Basic Routine Maintenance Schedule

Perfect Pool and Spa Software! Users: Test water and input all results into the main screen. Follow recommendations.

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