High Calcium/Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The maximum recommended level of Calcium Hardness is 400 PPM. The maximum recommended TDS is 2,000 PPM.
EVERYTHING that you add to the pool or spa INCLUDING TAP WATER has residual chemicals that eventually build up in the pool or spa.
Spas should be totally drained and refilled as recommended by the Personalized Maintenance Schedule to prevent a build up of TDS and Calcium Hardness.
A special problem is tap water that is high in Calcium Hardness. In most cases you can still balance the Saturation Index of the water, but it will be at the expense of some other factor as follows:
Reducing the Temperature reduces the Saturation Index but makes the pool unusable.
Reducing the Total Alkalinity reduces the Saturation Index but causes PH Bounce.
Reducing the PH reduces the Saturation Index but is irritating to the eyes and skin.
Leaving the Saturation Index and Calcium high causes cloudy water, scaling of walls and severe damage to pumps, plumbing, filters and heater equipment.

Drain water and refill with fresh water of lower Calcium Hardness. You can reduce the TDS to half by draining 1/2 of the water and refilling with fresh water.
It won't do any good to drain and refill the pool with tap water that is 400 PPM or higher. You may need to find another water source such as by delivery truck. Depending on the cost, if this water is low enough in calcium it will probably last years.
Another alternative is to purchase a water softener. Water Softeners remove 100% of the calcium from the water. They can be purchased from Sears and others for as little as $300. Compared to the cost of pool pump, filtration and heater systems this is a wise investment.

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