High Phosphate)

Phosphates usually promote the growth of algae and are unwanted in pool water. There is no recommended ideal range although I have seen many recommendations for keeping the concentration at less than 1000 ppb. Phosphates are introduced to the pool or spa water by either refill water or from a by-product of some other additive. Another possible source may be fertilizer.  Phosphates add to total dissolved solids but do not independently affect water sanitation, quality or balance, therefore, they are treated separate from the other water components. There is no standardized treatment for phosphates in pool water and the products used to remove phosphates generally list the ingredients as "Proprietary". There is a calculator in Perfect Pool and Spa software that can be used to assist in treating your pool or spa if the product you are using states the dosage.

There is no standard treatment for this.  You can find many products which claim to remove phosphate.  You need to start with an accurate phosphate test kit.  I ideally there should be NO phosphate in pool or spa water.  Test the water and then enter the results into the Phosphate calculator.  Enter the product dose recommendation and follow the recommended treatment.

Here is an interesting article about phosphate http://www.mcgrayel.com/files/Phosphate_Facts_and_Myths.pdf

Perfect Pool and Spa Software! Users: Test water and input the results into the form that pops up when you select High Phosphate under special water conditions. Follow recommendations.

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