Pool/Spa Maintenance

1.) CIRCULATE: The water needs to be circulated every day. The amount of time will vary depending on your particular equipment and the bather load for that day. Start running the pump 3 hours per day and increase as needed if the water is cloudy.

2.) FILTER: The filter needs to be kept clean. This is done by either physically cleaning it by hand or backwashing. The interval will vary depending on your particular equipment. Monitor the pressure valve if you have one. Start with weekly cleanings and adjust as needed.

3.) CLEAN: The Spa surfaces (sides and bottom) need to be kept free from dirt and debris. You will have to vacuum and or brush the Spa surfaces periodically to maintain it. Most Spas should be brushed at least once per week. The skimmer needs to be checked every day for debris.

4.) FILL: Check the water level of the Spa and Fill it to the recommended level each day.

5.) TEST: Test the sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and PH every day. Once you get favorable test results for Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer 3 days in a row, you only need to test Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer once a month.

6.) ADD CHEMICALS: Add the proper amounts of chemicals as they are recommended by this software. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PRODUCT LABEL DIRECTIONS!

7.) SHOCK: The water needs to be periodically Shocked to disinfect the water, kill bacteria, algae, other organisms and oxidize wastes. After you Shock do not use the Spa until all chemical levels are back to normal and the water is crystal clear. Here's the personal schedule for your Spa:
This generally depends on the temperature, bather load, rain and other factors.  Generally, you should shock every 2 weeks at temperatures of 85 or below, every week at temperatures above 85 degrees.
  You may need to shock more often with high bather load or rain. A SPA SHOULD ALSO BE SHOCKED AT THE END OF EACH DAY THAT IT IS USED! 
Add Sodium Hypochlorite Liquid Chlorine to 10 PPM: 

8.) PERIODICALLY DRAIN SPA: Chemical by-products quickly build up in a spa and make it difficult to balance the water after continued use. Periodically draining the spa and refilling it with fresh water will keep the water Perfect.
Depends on bather load.  See below for a 500 gallon spa with maximum 2 bathers per day.  SEE SOFTWARE FOR EXACT INTERVAL

Based upon the bather load of your spa (2 bathers per day) you will need to completely drain your spa every 83 days. Refill with fresh water, Shock, circulate for 4 hours then retest all chemicals.

9.) ALGAE CONTROL: If normal shocking does not control algae you may want to increase the amount of Chlorine or add an algaecide to the water one-hour after shocking. Follow product directions as most of these will cause foam in the water if not used properly.

10.) SCALE AND METAL STAIN CONTROL: Sequestering Agents may control or prevent metal stains or scaling in your Spa. Ask a pool professional about Sequestering Agents to see if these products are right for your Spa.

11.) ADJUST: Every pool and spa is different. You may have to adjust the amount of chemicals and schedules presented here. ALWAYS seek the advice of a pool professional if you have questions or are having problems.

Perfect Pool and Spa Software! Users: Follow recommendations in the Personal Maintenance Schedule.

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