Closing for the Season

I live in a part of Florida where we swim ALL year long.  I can imagine that having to close your pool for the season is a very sad time of year.  By the way, you can extend the swimming season with solar panels.  Look in the Yellow Pages for a dealer nearby.  If you decide to get them, spend the extra money for a thermostat.  It will heat more efficiently and will prevent them from cooling the water instead of heating it.

Here's what you need to do at season end:

Step 1: Remove all ladders, diving boards and other equipment to prevent corrosion.
Step 2: Thoroughly clean and brush. Run pump and filter continuously for 24 hours.
Step 3: Test all water factors and balance if necessary. Lower the temperature reading on the software to the anticipated average water temperature during the winter. Follow recommendations EXCEPT FOR CHLORINE ADDITIONS.
Step 4: Triple shock water to 30 PPM with Sodium Hypochlorite Liquid Chlorine (Click on Triple Shock)
Step 5: Drain water from all pump, filter equipment and plumbing which may be harmed in a freeze.
Step 6: If ice will be a problem, drop several weighted closed plastic jugs into the water. You can also use large strips of Styrofoam. This will absorb some of the expansion from the ice.
Step 7: Cover if you have one.

Perfect Pool and Spa Software! Users: Test water and input all results into the main screen.  Click on pool setup closing and follow recommendation.

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